Some Services offered are Listed Below; we are not limited to these services as we offer Low Price Diagnostics along with all major and minor Repairs.

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Air Conditioning Service: We will check the condition of all belts and a/c lines. Then evacuate and re-charge your system with reclaimed R-134 while adding dye to test for leaks.


Front Brakes: We will inspect your brakes to see if they are within specifications. Then install new brake pads and resurface your brake rotors as necessary. We will also make sure your brake calipers and slide mechanisms are lubricated, and your brake fluid level is sufficient as well as bleed all of the air from your braking system.



Cooling system flush: We will pressure test your cooling system and inspect all hoses and clamps while checking the thermostat and electric cooling fan operation. We will also flush the engine and radiator with a chemical to clean out any debris, then add all new coolant ensuring the temperature is -35 degrees and the PH balance is between 9.8 to 10.5




Fuel Efficiency Service: Recommended to increase your fuel efficiency by about 10%. We will flush your fuel injection and throttle body system with a chemical to clean out any carbon or debris, as well as use a separate chemical to clean carbon from the top end of your engine. To top it off, we will put a fuel additive in your gas tank (BG 44K) that has been proven to improve your engine’s performance.




Oil Change: We will drain and remove your used oil and replace your oil filter, then replace your oil according to your vehicle’s specifications. We’ll also make sure to check all your fluid levels and tire pressure.




Automatic Transmission Fluid Flush:  We will verify your engine’s performance, transmission operation, and shifting patterns. Then we will  flush all contaminated fluid out of transmission cooler, cooler lines, valve body, and torque converter, and replace with new transmission fluid according to your vehicle’s specifications.





Clutch replacement: We will remove your transmission to gain access to install a new clutch kit, which includes a pressure plate, clutch disc, pilot bearing, throw-out bearing. Then re-surface your flywheel, and re-install your transmission.


Tune up: We will keep your vehicle running as efficiently as possible by checking your battery and charging system, then clean your battery cable ends and terminals. We will also be sure to check all of your fluid levels, tire pressure and wear, lights, belts, and hoses. To complete your tune up, we will then check and adjust your ignition timing (where applicable), inspect your fuel system, and replace your spark plugs.

All Major and Minor Repairs are offered and performed on premises, each is as individual as your automobile - to get a direct quote or for just general advice to assist you in making an informed repair decision please call 801-444-9995.
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